Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crosslink ALWAYS comes through!

I have to brag about my Linkrz!!!  They are always ready and willing to help others!  This time was NO EXCEPTION~  We took a handful to Claude's mom's house in New Bern yesterday.  She has a big yard and she was physically unable to do the work needed to clean up the yard after the hurricane.  So, Kyle Kulickowski, J Mike Williams, Mackenzie Moore, Leo Oliveros, Megan Roman, and Sarah Joyner went with us and cleaned it up in less than 3 hours!  
Claude made the comment that he was surprised at how they just jumped out of the van and started plan, no strategy...just started raking and picking up debris!  So proud of them for their servant's hearts!!!  
Raking, picking up branches, hauling leaves and limbs, etc! They did it all!!!  

JMike & Kyle working the tractor!

Leo, Mack, & Megan totalling ROCKED the raking of the yard!

Sarah is such a trooper!  she helped me pick up gumballs!

Leo, hauling off the leaves to the backyard to be burned.

These guys were workin' so hard!  It was amazing!
I guess that's one of the things I love so much about kids!  They don't look at work the same way we adults do.  They just jump right in! 
Great job guys and girls!!!

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