Monday, October 17, 2011

I am learning!

Ever since we moved to NC from FL to help plant a church, I have felt "unqualified".  I mean, seriously, think about all the things that you think you know spiritually and how your spiritual maturity is your own responsibility.  But then think about the idea of being "on display" as an example for others of what to be (or, in my case ALOT OF TIMES, what NOT to be!).  I am not sure where my insecurities generated from.  I had always considered myself bold and "confident".  But for some reason, I had lost that confidence and had allowed satan to slip in the back door and use me because of them.

God has been teaching me so many things over the past several months.  I have so many things to work on and to allow God to work on through me.  One thing I am definitely starting to believe is that God CAN and WILL use me, flaws and all, IF I allow Him to!  He can use a loud, feisty, bossy, take-charge, no room for error, roll over people to get things done kind of woman!  He made me with the personality to be bold and to stand firm.  He also can TEACH me how to do things with grace and with kindness!  I am starting to believe that God CAN USE ME and I am qualified!  


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