Wednesday, October 12, 2011

But I want what she has...!

I am reading this book with a couple of great ladies at church and we meet once a week to discuss what we've learned and how we can apply the truths to our own lives! The book is called" Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl". Let me tell you, this woman could've been me!!! She writes and it sounds like things I have thought, wished, wanted, done, imagined, acted, said, understand!!!

In one of the chapters she's writing about becoming more than a Bible study girl in our relationships. She talked about how we as women so many times want to be other women or to attain the status of other women, to have attributes of other women, or simply possess the lifestyle of other women. I humbly admit that I have done all of these things at least a thousand times in my life. One paragraph in particular really made me stop and cnsider what God wants from me and how I am so far from hitting the mark on it. She quotes Matthew 11:28-30 where it talks about Jesus telling us to come to him all of us who are weary and heavy burdened because his yoke is easy and his burden is light. Now, I've been a Christian for a very long time and I gotta say that there have been MANY TIMES when I would not have considered the yoke easy and the burden light!!! But, she points out several thngs that I hadn't considered. First, I am probably trying to carry the burden myself, thus, it's not easy and light! Well...DUH! The second part I will quote so that I don't lose the meaning she intended:

"Note a couple key words in these verses. A yoke is a wooden frame used to harness two draft animals to whatever they have to pull. The Greek word for "easy" can also mean "well-fitted". Combine this information together and it appears that Jesus is saying he has equipped each of us with well fitted assignments in life. As long as we do and aspire to only what he calls us, our burden will not only be changeable, it will be light."


The more I study and read about how God has a unique plan for me, the less I worry about wanting to be someone else! I'm not saying that I am completely free of this struggle, but I have more peace about myself, my calling, and the things God has in store for me!!!

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