Monday, September 16, 2013

The throne or the cross

"Every person has a throne and a cross in their heart.  If you are on the throne, then Jesus is on the cross.  If Jesus is on the throne, then you are on the cross - you must die to self."   ~ JD Greear ~

I struggle EVERY DAY with giving up the throne of my heart to Jesus.  I know it's human nature, but sometimes I think I was given an extra dose of stubborn, pig-headed, control freak.  My human nature is against giving up control.  Some folks just naturally "go with the flow".  Me - not so much!  Now, I know that God created me to use these "character traits" for His glory!  I just want to do so much better than I am doing right now!!!  I want to be at a place where I can say without thinking "It's all Yours, Lord.  Take it, I trust You!".  He makes a better ruler than I do.  He has a better picture of things than I do.  He has a better plan than I do.
I have days where I do better than others.  But, my heart's desire is to remove myself completely from the throne and to engrave Jesus' name on the seat! 

"You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13 NIV)

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