Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who we are in Jesus

"I wish a guy can come up to me say ur cute like they mean it and tlk to me and give me their number and ask me out but ik tht never will happen to me."
This was a facebook post from a young girl I know.
It makes me sad.

She is a sweet funny kind friendly girl.  Most importantly, she is a daughter of the King of kings.  She is a cherished princess of the Most High God.  Her value and worth is NOT in a guy and his words.  Her beauty is NOT in what he thinks or says to her.  Her importance on this earth is NOT based on whether she is asked out by a guy.   
When did we stop teaching our girls their heritage?  When did we stop passing on the legacy to them of who they are in Jesus???  Parents, please please PLEASE!!!  Love your daughters enough to instill in them their value and worth in Jesus' eyes!  Make sure you tell them everyday that they are daughters of the KING!  They are cherished by the God of the universe!  They are loved by the One who put the stars in the sky!  

If you don't tell them, they will search out someone who will tell them...


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