Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fake face

OK, so a couple days ago Claude posted a comment on Facebook about "Guess who went goth?".  Well, it was me...sorta!
I went to the new ULTA store because I wanted to check out the nailpolishes and I decided to let them give me a "eye makeover"...BAD IDEA!!!  When I came home, I looked like someone had punched me in the eyes.  Seriously, my eye makeup was all purple and gray and it was all over my eyes, including UNDER my was horrible!!!

That evening when I was taking my shower, I tried cleaning the eye makeup off.  It took me THREE times using my face cleanser to get that stuff off!!!  As I looked into the mirror, I thought to myself how much it reminded me of our Christianity.  We put on "makeup" to make ourselves look different.  We try to cover up the flaws and enhance things that we think need more attention.  And the more "makeup" we use, the more time and effort it takes to "clean" it off of us.  I'm not saying that it takes God more effort to clean us, because I believe completely that Jesus washed ALL our sins away with one act, the Cross.  I just think that the more we pile on the CRUD, the longer it takes us as humans to clean up.

It's kinda like this...I've heard several people in the last week talk about habits and trying to work towards good routines and form positive habits.  When we start "cleaning' up our lives and start forming good clean routines/habits, it allows others to see the real us and, hopefully, see Jesus through us...NOT the fake "face" we put on.
James 4:8

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